Valeria political analyst business cards

Valeria Akl Political Analyst Business Card

Arutza Rico designed these business cards for Valeria Akl, a political analyst who studied fashion culture and hosts a podcast as well.

This business card idea is creative by combining contemporary and cultural styles together. The pink colour scheme helps as well.

Arutza said that her client wanted to have a more professional identity to level up her career.

“We wanted an identity that reflects Valeria’s personality and interests, which included her love of pink and stationery.”

The fluidity of the monogram, retro typography, and eye-catching colour palette are effective in conveying Valeria’s brand values and what she’d like to share with her audience.

Valeria political analyst monogram


Logo Design & Seals

According to Arutza, Valeria is always researching and writing about power and its connections.

“That’s why I proposed to design a monogram with the letters connected and they symbolize ‘power’.”

Another main inspiration for the logo design is the Aquazzura heels, which also represent the idea of power connections.

“The cherry on the cake is that a monogram is perfect to create seals!”

In conjunction with that, Arutza made two different seals for her client’s stationery set, taking inspiration from Valeria’s interests in writing letters and reading books.

“We made a sealing wax (wax seal) and a dry seal to mark Valeria’s books and papers,” she said.

Valeria political analyst_wax sealValeria political analyst_dry seal3


Illustrative Pattern

To personalize the brand further, an illustrative pattern was added surrounding the monogram.

“We’ve seen a lot of the king’s monograms embellished with swashes in the letters or surrounding them.”

“So, I made modern, digital ones for my client.”

“Also, the patterns are inspired by the concept of ‘connections.’ This is one of Valeria’s goals in her endeavors: to find the connections between ideas.”

Valeria Akl pattern


Victorian Style Typography and Pink Color

The typeface used for the logotype is a serif font called Rosalindale (by David Jonatan Ross). Arutza modified it to match the brand’s artistic appeal.

She said, “This beautiful and retro typography was selected for its strong terminations and condensed form, which make it unique and trendy.”

“As for the monogram on the business card, it was designed in a 3D chroma style, and the gradient background features a degrade aesthetic commonly used in digital culture.”

The colour pink was used because it’s the owner’s favorite.

Valeria political analyst logo

Another interesting element of the business card is that the contact details can be read from all four sides! A clever business card idea to stand out and engage with the card recipient.

Other sources of inspiration for this visual identity are the legacy of the Yves Saint Laurent brand, airports, vintage books, infographics, maps and technology.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were digitally printed on semi-matte paper.

“We wanted the business cards to appear contemporary and technological. Valeria is young and she wants to celebrate that!”


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Valeria political analyst business cardValeria political analyst_dry sealValeria political analyst_typographyValeria political analyst_wax seal2Valeria political analyst_dry seal2

Designed by Arutza Rico at Arutza Studio

For Valeria Akl

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