Unu business card

Unu Construction Business Card

Clairoux Studio designed these business cards for Unu, a construction and renovation company located in Montreal, Canada.

Unu Construction specialises in residential and commercial projects.

In order to develop the brand image, Philippe Clairoux, the creative director of Clairoux Studio, said, “It was necessary to set up a bold visual universe for Unu, while intelligently establishing itself in the more conservative sector of activity that is construction.”

“Unu Construction is a company that places a high value on the approach, aesthetics, and design of a project. Therefore, the brand inevitably had to convey these values in its visual communications. These are the principles that guided the development of Unu Construction’s visual identity and graphic concepts.”

The business card opted for a minimalist approach and used special printing techniques to express the brand’s company image. Not only does the business card provides visual interest, but a tactile experience as well.

Unu stationery

Minimalist Logo Design

The use of a simple yet meaningful logo on the business card is another element that’s not to be missed.

The logo is made up of primary shapes that overlap to make an abstract graphic monogram that shows both the angular edges and round curves of the brand name Unu.

As a result, the symbol has an organic look and feel yet is constructed.

A monolithic form sits on top of a lighter sans serif wordmark. The two diverge from each other to anchor the visual space in each composition.

Unu logo

Sans Serif Font & Neutral Colours

The typeface used on the business card is DM Sans.

“We decided to go with a typography that has a low-contrast geometric sans serif design to match the smoothness of the logo mark. It also reflects the minimalist type of work Unu Construction focuses on,” Philippe explained.

The use of a more subdued brand colour is executed for consistency with the overall design.

“Our client really wanted to use a colour palette that was neutral to represent the fine and minimalist work they do, and the type of design they implement in their work.”

“By using beige as the primary colour for the visual identity, we were able to respond to the request of the client and also create a similarity between the primary materials used by the company, such as wood.”

Unu colour palette

Printing of Unu Business Cards

Zoum printed these business cards on 34pt uncoated card stock.

“This superfine card stock inspires great design with its natural elegant texture. Ultra-thick, 100% natural and recyclable.”

“We embossed the logomark on the card and printed the information overlapping the embossed logo,” Philippe said.

Unu’s business card is no doubt a brilliant design that is both memorable and impactful as a company that puts design first when imagining its projects!

Other Details of the Business Card

Ecological Properties:
-FSC Certified
-Green-e certified wind energy
-Chlorine free and acid free
-Recyclable and compostable


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Designed by Clairoux Studio

Printed by Zoum

For Unu Construction

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