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Top The Shaker Vegan Business Card

Top The Shaker Vegan business cards

Masho Nartkoshvili designed these business cards for Top The Shaker, a vegan food blog run by an enthusiast, self-taught chef named Anuna Topuria. The business card is beautifully designed with cute illustrations and vibrant colours that give the brand a…

Lauany Ferraz Nutritionist Business Card

Lauany Ferraz nutritionist business card

Ingrid Novaes designed these business cards for Lauany Ferraz, a nutritionist. Lauany Ferraz’s goal is to preserve basic nutrition principles by putting an emphasis on a person’s holistic health (including their mental and physical well-being) rather than achieving a slimmer…

Unu Construction Business Card

Unu business card

Clairoux Studio designed these business cards for Unu, a construction and renovation company located in Montreal, Canada. Unu Construction specialises in residential and commercial projects. In order to develop the brand image, Philippe Clairoux, the creative director of Clairoux Studio,…