Lauany Ferraz nutritionist business card

Lauany Ferraz Nutritionist Business Card

Ingrid Novaes designed these business cards for Lauany Ferraz, a nutritionist.

Lauany Ferraz’s goal is to preserve basic nutrition principles by putting an emphasis on a person’s holistic health (including their mental and physical well-being) rather than achieving a slimmer physique alone.

As a nutritionist, Ingrid’s client believes that people with health issues can still lead fulfilling lives with the help of a well-balanced diet. Therefore, the idea of the branding is to convey determination, boldness and accessibility through the business card design.

Lauany Ferraz Nutritionist logo


Meaningful Logo & Pattern Design

The inspiration for the logo was based on seeds and lumps.

“These seeds have an essential purpose in the process of nutrition for both human and other nature elements,” Ingrid said.

“However, like the human body, they are often forgotten due to their covers of pulp and fruit, which has much more visual impact.”

“Therefore, it’s a call for everyone to look inside and focus on their inner health rather than their outer appearance.”

At the same time, the logo also represents the four pillars of nutrition: quality, quantity, adequacy and harmony.

Apart from that, Ingrid also created a fun pattern of cut fruit on the back of the business card.

“All the illustrations were based in some kind of food that had seeds or lumps, with very delicate lines that show the tranquility that patients need to achieve their goals,” she explained.

Lauany Ferraz Nutritionist pattern


Modern Typography & Bright Colour Palette

The typefaces used in the visual identity are DM Serif Text for the logotype and DM Sans for the body text.

According to Ingrid, DM Serif Text was a great choice to illuminate wisdom as a characteristic while still having a modern touch.

As for the colour scheme, she continued, “They needed to capture all the bright and creative sides of the brand, but still seem to be trustworthy.”

“That’s why there are bright colours and also a darker green to balance the contrast.”

While the customer handled the printing process, Ingrid suggested having the business cards printed with a soft touch finish for a more approachable feel.


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Designed by Ingrid Novaes

For Lauany Ferraz

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