Top The Shaker Vegan business cards

Top The Shaker Vegan Business Card

Masho Nartkoshvili designed these business cards for Top The Shaker, a vegan food blog run by an enthusiast, self-taught chef named Anuna Topuria.

The business card is beautifully designed with cute illustrations and vibrant colours that give the brand a lively, creative image.

“Anua loves and cares for all animals, and she is against any kind of animal cruelty,” Masho said.

“That was the reason for creating the blog and diving into the diverse and delicious world of vegan aesthetics, where no animal is harmed.”


The Love of Animals

The client wanted her branding and business card design to show that her brand stands for the love of animals.

That was the driving force behind the entire brand’s aesthetic, from the logo to every piece of collateral.

Masho said, “Colourful patterns and illustrations are used in the visual identity to express the mood of the brand: diversity, exploration, experimentation, and endless combinations of ingredients.”

Top The Shaker Vegan illustrations2


Animal Illustrations for the Logo Design

When designing a personal brand, it is crucial that the visuals show the owner’s character in a complete and accurate way.

In this case, Masho decided to express everything she learned about Anuna through interviews – her interests, motives and overall personality – into a logo design and then into the entire brand image.

The logo design consists of two animal characters in a heart on fire. The letter “V” in the logo means vegan, which is the main idea of the brand.

Masho explained, “The inspiration behind the brand’s design is the brand’s central motto – For the love of animals.”

“That’s why I chose to portray the two cutest, yet most commonly exploited animals – the cow and the sheep.”

“The heart on fire symbolizes Anuna’s kind and loving heart. Finally, the letter ‘V’ stands for vegan, because the brand is 100% free of animal products.”

Top The Shaker Vegan logos


Bold Typography and Spotty Pattern Design

The typeface used for the logotype “Top the Shaker” is a modified version of Amagro by Fabio Servolo.

The description text “Vegan Aesthetics” is modified from DM Sans by Colophon Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn, Indian Type Foundry.

Together, the two fonts represent a friendly, yet bold and diverse aesthetic of the brand.

For the card owner’s name, Masho used Bello Script, among other fonts.

Masho added black spots to the background of the logo, which can be seen on the business card.

“The black spots on the pattern design represent a kind of ode to cows, which are super cute but unjustly mistreated in today’s world,” she said.

“Also, the pattern is adorable and it works perfectly with other elements of the brand.”

Top The Shaker Vegan logo and illustrations


A Non-Typical Colour Palette for a Vegan Brand

Masho wanted her client’s brand colours to stand out from the typical palette of vegan cuisine brands.

“My primary goal was to create a colour scheme with personality and, above all, one that reflected Anuna’s character.”

“That’s why I opted for pastel colours with a cute and radiant identity.”

For the business cards, Masho wanted the central objects to be in contrast to other elements.

“This is the reason for the central objects to be coloured while the rest of the business card is black and beige.”

Top The Shaker Vegan stationery


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on very thick, textured matte paper.

Due to the fact that the design itself is pretty loaded, Masho advised against using any fancy finishes such as UV lacquer or embossing etc.


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Designed by Masho Nartkoshvili

For Top The Shaker

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