Tyler Donovan Graphic Designer Business Card

Jacob Ham designed these business cards for Tyler Donovan, a freelance/studio designer based in Boston, US.

The purpose of this project was to rebrand Tyler Donovan and Tyler wanted a monogram of his initials ‘TD’ to represent his brand.

The main colour palette consists of blue, purple and white, giving the overall design a clean, fresh impression.

Speaking about the design process, Tyler said, “The first part of the process was making a logo that we both felt happy with.”

“Initially, the logo was much thinner in weight, this sparked some conversation and it was increased.”

“The idea behind the branding simply came from the outline of the logo, while preparing stuff for my portfolio after the logo was finalized.”

“It was just a matter of making it feel balanced throughout the range of branding.”

These business cards are yet to be printed but it shows us how a minimalist design can express timelessness and professionalism while making an impression at the same time.


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Designed by Jacob Ham

For Tyler Donovan

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