Trzy Fale water park business cards

Trzy Fale Water Park Business Card

Rio Creativo designed these business cards for Trzy Fale, a Sfupsk-based water park that offers more than just swimming pools and water slides: it invites people to its rehabilitation, spa and fitness zone as well.

The water park business card design has beautiful colour combinations and comes in different versions. It reflects a positive, fun and upbeat vibe that goes with the variety of attractions and activities found at the water park.

Trzy Fale approached Rio Creativo for the rebranding project. Since the water park has evolved and even includes a restaurant and conference space that can accommodate both small and large events, the new identity should reflect these changes.

Trzy Fale water park banners


Logo and Pattern Design

The new branding is simple yet striking! It aims to show that Trzy Fale isn’t just a city swimming pool but also a meeting place for people of all ages and who prefer different activities.

The brand name, Trzy Fale means “three waves” in Polish, which conveys the three main themes at the water park: water, reflection, and activity.

The logo design was inspired by the brand name itself. It shows the movement of water and reflection when the light shines upon it.

On the back of the business card, there are different pattern designs that depict the constant moving or flowing, which is intrinsic to the water park activities and also related to the entertainment and relaxing aspects of the park as well.

Trzy Fale water park logoTrzy Fale water park illustration


Custom Typography and Vibrant Colours

The logotype was custom-designed especially for this project.

“The main theme of the visual identity is a new font with streamlined shapes that refer to the graphic sign and the general theme of water,” said Marcin Zgórski, the Managing Director of Rio Creativo.

The dynamic and vibrant colours used for the business card design were inspired by the variety of attractions at the water park.

“The colours and their combinations are fresh, exude positive vibes and encourage people to be active.”

All the elements come together in a harmonious way to create a beautiful and effective business card design.

Trzy Fale water park logomark and logotype


The Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to printing, Marcin suggested having the cards printed on pearl handmade paper.

“The business cards would look great with an embossed logo and coloured edges,” he said.

“If the client wanted a more economical option, the production of Multiloft business cards with coloured fills would come into play.”


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Designed by Rio Creativo

For Trzy Fale

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