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TruequeLab Coffee Business Card

Daniel Barba López designed these business cards for TruequeLab, a company born with a complete vision and experience of 18 years in the world of coffee, from production, export, processing to marketing in the United States.

“We seek to create a brand that shows the best of Mexico and Colombia for the world, young, contemporary but also with a strong connection to the traditional culture of Latin America,” Daniel said.

trueque lab branding
When asked about the inspiration behind the logo and illustration, Daniel explained, “As a source of inspiration, we use the deer in the Wixarika culture, which represents the union of the spiritual with the material, as well as the union of a coffee bean into two parts: through the union of the opposites, to create an attractive geometric pattern that revolves around the culture of coffee.”

trueque lab illustration
He continued, “Trueque, true equality, another way to show the brand, a cultural exchange. We take inspiration from the Mexican and Colombian culture, because the company was founded by a couple – he’s from Mexico while she’s from Colombia – taking handcraft, folk art and visual traditions as references, like the Mexican Otomi art.”

The font used in the visual identity is an iconic font called Eksell, created by the Swedish graphic designer, Olle Eksell.

trueque lab businesscard_2trueque lab businesscard_1
These business cards were printed by a local artisan company in Guadalajara Jalisco Mx, owned by Mario Ortega.

“We used hot stamping printing technique, which means the graphic art is transferred onto the substrate (in this case, the paper) with a metal hot plate, previously inked with gold foil. When you touch the paper, you could check the graphic appears in bas-relief, with a wonderful view of gold ink. You could see how the colour change when you move the card in different ways!” Daniel said.

trueque lab business card_2trueque lab business card_1trueque lab packing design

Designed by Daniel Barba López

For TruequeLab

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