Business Card with Deer Element

The Torridon Luxury Hotel Business Card

The Torridon business cards

Kieran Reilly designed these business cards for The Torridon, a luxury hotel with scenic views across the Scottish Highlands. The business card is part of the rebranding project for this former hunting lodge. Now, The Torridon is now one of the…

DODOLI Restaurant Business Card

Dodoli business card

Midnight Design designed these business cards for DODOLI, a Korean tofu pot brand located in Taipei alleyway. “The brand name, Dodoli, is originated from the South Korea’s ancient mountain god ‘두두리’ while Tofu, the raw material from tofu pot, is…

TruequeLab Coffee Business Card

trueque lab business card

Daniel Barba López designed these business cards for TruequeLab, a company born with a complete vision and experience of 18 years in the world of coffee, from production, export, processing to marketing in the United States. “We seek to create…