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Treasures of India Restaurant Business Card

Jack Gunns designed these business cards for Treasures of India, a restaurant producing authentic street style Indian cuisine to go.

According to Jack, the design process involved researching some of the iconic sights, landmarks and culture of India to create a unique illustration set for the brand.

“The logo and typography have been hand crafted to give an authentic look and feel incorporating patterns and styles found in the country,” Jack said.

TOI_Business CardTreasures of India illustration

Explaining the choice of colour palette, Jack continued, “The main colour of saffron/bright orange have been influenced by spices found in Indian cooking such as saffron and turmeric.”

“The bright pop of colour helps to translate the energy and character found in Indian culture. Paired with the deep blue for contrast and rustic sand colour inspired by the stones found in many temples and forts throughout the country.”

Another catchy element is, of course, the illustrations. “I wanted to convey the vibrancy and diversity of this incredible country through a bespoke illustration set and lettering design,” Jack said.

These business cards have yet been printed, but if they were, “They should be printed in two ways depending on the card design used. The main design should be printed on recycled cotton 350gsm card with a matte finish.”

“This gives a subtle texture and nice feel to the cards. The second, more luxurious option would be to hot foil print the logo in copper onto a royal blue 350gsm matte card with copper edge.”

TOI Business Card3TOI Business Card with copperTOI_brandingTOI CoastersTOI_Coasters_6TOI_Business Card2

Designed by Jack Gunns

For Treasures of India

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