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Tomaz Carneiro Law Firm Business Card

Jonisson Almeida designed these business cards for Tomaz Carneiro, a law firm that offers direct legal advice.

Jonisson created a distinctive visual identity and a positioning strategy to help uncover Tomaz’s uniqueness as he strives to become a regional reference.

For the business cards, Jonisson designed several versions; in some, the symbol takes more importance, while in others, the contact information is more prominent.

Either way, they all convey a serious and conceptual language for Tomaz’s brand.

Now, let’s dive into Jonisson’s design process and how the entire branding came to be.


Logo Design

The logo design plays a major role in the overall identity.

It can be seen prominently on the business cards, and it’s more than just the client’s initials!

Jonisson explained, “The logo is connected to various legal symbols (scales, gavel, pillar), as well as his initials.”

“As a problem solver, the symbol utilizes spaces between pieces that, when brought together, form a graphic solution.”

What a wonderful way to capture the idea of how Tomaz approaches legal challenges – as a skilled problem solver who is capable at finding effective solutions for his clients.

Tomaz Carneiro law firm stationery design


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is based on Times New Roman.

According to Jonisson, Times New Roman is one of the fonts required by the legal profession.

As a result, it was used for support, while the customized logo conveys seriousness and elegance.

As for the brand’s colours (green and off-white), Jonisson stated that they are chosen to represent seriousness and truth for the legal brand.


Business Card Printing

While the business card images you see here are mockups, Jonisson did offer advice on how they could be printed.

“I’d recommend to print the business cards on coated paper, with the option of using spot UV and painted edges on some of them,” he said.

Overall, this is a modern and professional business card design that will undoubtedly set Tomaz Carneiro apart from other lawyers and make a positive impression on his potential clients.


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Designed by Jonisson Almeida

For Tomaz Carneiro

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