Tifanny James Business Cards

Tifanny James Jewelry Business Card

Dyan Dee designed these business cards for Tifanny James, a local jewelry brand that started as a passion project of Tifanny Jamila Cua, the owner. She is a hobbyist and jewelry maker from the Philippines.

Tifanny James sells all kinds of handmade accessories for any woman. The best part is that each piece is versatile and classic enough to be worn for years to come.

Tifanny James Packaging Design 2

“Jamila gets her inspiration from simple yet chic, elegant, minimalist designs that are translated into wearable jewelry. They are lovingly and locally handmade with the intention of uplifting and empowering jewelry lovers,” Dyan said.

“For the design inspiration, the owner aims to cherish individual uniqueness and strengths of jewelry lovers. She really wanted to have an identity that would match and represent her unique personality as a person – fun, vibrant, calm and collected.”

The typography used in the visual identity are Amsterdam One and Aleo Light.

The logo design is a handwritten style signature font that is simple yet classy. It was designed to achieve the feel of the brand which truly speaks to the personality each woman is made for.

As for the colour palette, the brand used pale tints of green, pink and purple. The end result is a calm, soothing yet attractive design that purposely channels femininity.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “I’d recommend the cards to be printed on 400gsm paper with matte lamination,” Dyan suggested.

Tifanny James Business CardTifanny James Collateral 1Tifanny James Collateral 2Tifanny James Packaging Design 1Tifanny James storefront logo

Designed by Dyan Dee

For Tifanny James

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