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Tiasoft Mobile Technology Business Card

Guven Karaman designed these business cards for Tiasoft, an Istanbul-based technology company that provides solutions for mobile application security.

“We created a new look for the vibrant brand that is bare but dynamic, and rooted but young and fresh,” Guven said.

The transformation of the geometric logo into the letter ‘T’, which corresponds to the brand’s first letter, is particularly intriguing.

“When working on the logo design, we were inspired by simple geometric shapes for catchiness and recognition.”

Tiasoft logo

Neue Machina was chosen as the typeface because of its dynamic and geometric features that resemble the future of technology. Atyp Display is the secondary typeface used.

The brand’s colours are light green, blue, black, and grey. With its eye-catching colour combinations and gradients, the business card design is certain to grab people’s attention. The colour enhances the depth and dimension of the overall design while also giving it a futuristic look.

These business cards were printed in Istanbul. The card size is 8.5 x 5.5 cm, on a 450g Kraft and matte cellophane paper.

Tiasoft business cardtiasoft stationery

Designed by Guven Karaman

For Tiasoft

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