The Torridon business cards

The Torridon Luxury Hotel Business Card

Kieran Reilly designed these business cards for The Torridon, a luxury hotel with scenic views across the Scottish Highlands.

The business card is part of the rebranding project for this former hunting lodge. Now, The Torridon is now one of the top hotels in the UK.

The highland resort strives to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests, whatever their heart’s content: outdoor adventures, an indoor relaxing stay at a 5-star hotel, or a fine dining meal at the gourmet restaurant.

“We wanted a brand identity that not only captured the hotel’s highland surroundings, but also values of authenticity, timelessness, tailored escapism and adventure,” Kieran said.

The Torridon logo


Contemporary Brand Image & Tactile Business Cards

The business card is designed to express a luxury and contemporary image while showcasing the beautiful countryside which is the main selling point of the resort.

Upon first glance, the business card may seem subtle, but a closer look reveals an embossed stag illustration and a textured line pattern, both of which use tactile finishes to attract attention and be memorable.

“The Torridon is a place that you can almost feel with your fingertips, and we wanted a similar sensory effect with the touch points. Besides, we wanted the print materials and secondary elements (custom patterns and illustrations) to subtly reference the hotel’s unique location – it’s location between 5 large mountains.”

The Torridon business card_2


The Art of Logo Design

According to Kieran, they had considered other symbols and crafted monograms throughout the process, but the stag was always the perfect fit for the hotel and its location.

“Stags are an iconic feature of the Scottish highland landscape, and they can often be spotted roaming around near the hotel,” Kieran said.

Various imagery of stags and deer can be seen throughout the hotel in different formats: a Andrew Kay sculpture at the hotel entrance, and various stag mounts that connect the hotel’s past as an old hunting lodge to its new position as a leading 5-star hotel.

“The stag logo captures the hotel’s values while conveying pride and adventure. We based the bespoke stag on Andrew Kay’s original sketches for his sculpture, which feature consistent, single weight lines that give the brand a contemporary look and feel.”

As a result, the logo serves as an ornate and memorable representation of the hotel’s vision: to rethink classic country and redefine luxury.

The Torridon logo construction


Sans Serif Typography & Green Tones

The business card was designed with sans serif typography in mind.

Kieran explained, “The geometric shapes of the typeface share a uniformity with the brand mark. Also, it gives a timeless look and feel that reflects understated luxury.”

The only serif typeface used was the tagline or campaign title, “A place like no other.” Although it’s not printed on the business cards, it’s worth noting that the font was inspired by hand carved writings found on the clocktower of the hotel, crafted to appeal to The Torridon’s diverse customer base.

This bold and modern approach complements the rugged nature and beauty of the Scottish landscapes. It’s also a nice nod to the hotel’s history and quirks.

Green tones were used throughout the visual identity, which was clearly based on the hotel and its surroundings as a former Victorian hunting lodge in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Torridon stationery


The Printing of Business Card

These duplexed business cards were printed by Where Giants Roam.

“On the front, the paper used is G.F Smith Mid Green with Coltskin (texture) embossing, with dark green foiled type. On the reverse side, the paper used is G.F Smith Colorplan Racing Green with Coltskin embossing, completed with an embossed brand mark,” Kieran said.


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Designed by Kieran Reilly

Printed by Where Giants Roam

For The Torridon

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