The Platter Collective business cards

The Platter Collective Catering Business Card

Morgan Paige Taitoko designed these business cards for The Platter Collective, a catering service based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company caters for all kinds of occasions, including corporate events, product launches, weddings, birthdays and more.

The business cards look fresh and welcoming, thanks to the beautifully selected colour choices!

The cards, which come in multiple versions, are able to reflect the stunning platters offered by the company in terms of their variety and freshness.


Playful Brand Image

The Platter Collective’s platters are prepared with seasonal products sourced around New Zealand, and they always include a range of options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free guests.

According to Morgan, The Platter Collective wanted to freshen up their branding with these bright, playful business cards.

“Their beautiful grazing tables are full of colour and decorated with colourful blooms.”

“Therefore, we wanted to bring this through in the business card design to make sure it would pop!”

The Platter Collective business card_2


Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logo and body text is The Stockholm Font.

“The hand-drawn element of this font really ties in with the illustrated elements and brings a bit of personality to the brand,” Morgan explained.

The colour palette is also perfectly selected to express the brand’s bespoke platters and grazing tables filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, and a variety of other seasonal foods.

“A lot of the platters created are presented in kraft packaging, so we needed colours that would look great next to the natural kraft but also stand out.”

“Not to mention, the bright pastels are also youthful and fun!”

The Platter Collective catering business cards_2


Illustrative Food Items

The illustrations on the business cards are adorable, and they’re a wonderful addition to the already colourful business cards.

“The cute, hand-drawn icons represent some of the food The Platter Collective uses for their grazing creations.”

“Bright fruits, fresh bread, and most importantly… cheese!”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Pinc, a printing company in New Zealand.

Morgan explained that the cards were printed on 350gsm matte coated card stock.

Both sides featured three different colour options with blind embossed illustrations.


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The Platter Collective catering business cardThe Platter Collective catering identity

Designed by Morgan Paige Taitoko

Printed by Pinc

For The Platter Collective

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