The Inky Pen business cards

The Inky Pen Stationery Business Card

Natacha Pope designed these business cards for The Inky Pen, an online stationery store specialising in planners, notebooks, art prints and apparel.

According to Natacha, the brand image for The Inky Pen was inspired by modern pattern trends and minimal imagery with a cute, feminine twist.

“The initial mood board was constituted of the types of items sold by this stationery shop, such as pastel notebooks, cute rubbers, unique stationery, motivational diaries and more,” she said.

The unique arch shape of this business card sets it apart from other competitors. In addition, the vividness of the pastel colours is unmatched!

The Inky Pen bagThe Inky Pen logo

The logo’s typeface was actually created by modifying the Waymar font. Explaining the inspiration behind it, Natacha said, “I wanted a timeless typeface with a modern touch. Therefore, I edited the original font quite a lot to remove the serifs.”

“I then added a block colour behind the font and worked with our colour palette of pastel goodness to achieve the final look.”

The business cards are not printed, but if they were, “They would be printed on smooth matte card to match most of The Inky Pens stationery stock in the store. The card will be cut with a curved edge for that extra special touch,” Natacha suggested.

Overall, it’s a fun and stylish business card design that will surely leave a lasting impression!

The Inky Pen business cardsThe Inky Pen digital mediaThe Inky Pen graphic patternThe Inky Pen signboard

Designed by Natacha Pope at CoconuTacha

For The Inky Pen

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