The Duck's Guts Graphics Design Agency Business Card

The Duck’s Guts Graphics Design Agency Business Card

Vaughan Cornell designed these business cards for their corporate branding, The Duck’s Guts Graphics, a boutique design agency in Melbourne.

With one side showcasing the company logo, the other side is all about providing contact details and the explanation for the brand name “The Ducks Guts”, which is an Australian expression.

This gives the brand a personal touch, setting itself apart from the other competitors.

Even the (contact info’s) vertical layout is an interesting idea!

Apart from its unique design and catchy logotype, Vaughan needed to make his card more appealing by applying the right printing techniques.

“The card was created for my company’s rebrand in 2017. I wanted to up the game on these cards as my previous cards were letterpress printed,” Vaughan said.

“A white foil was chosen for the new logo to be used in conjunction with the letterpress black.”

“This would give the logo 2 impression depths – light on the white and heavy on the black.”

“However, in testing, the letterpress was too harsh to be overlayed on the foil and caused the edges to tear.”

“I decided to substitute the letterpress black with a black gloss foil, and had the black foil hit twice as hard as the white to give it depth.”


The Printing of Business Card

These business cards were expertly printed by James Taylor at Taylor’d Press.

These are triplex business cards, using Colorplan 270gsm White Frost, Ebony and Mist.

The front of the card was foiled with gloss black and matt white; while the back was black letterpressed.


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Designed by Vaughan Cornell at The Duck’s Guts Graphics

Printed by Taylor’d Press

For The Duck’s Guts Graphics

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