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Jennifer Seoh Graphic Designer Business Card

Jennifer Seoh business card

Jennifer Seoh designed these business cards for her personal branding as a Malaysia-based graphic designer specializing in brand, editorial and packaging design. “This personal branding was actually done during my final year of university. As we were about to enter…

The Duck’s Guts Graphics Design Agency Business Card

The Duck's Guts Graphics Design Agency Business Card

Vaughan Cornell designed these business cards for their corporate branding, The Duck’s Guts Graphics, a boutique design agency in Melbourne. With one side showcasing the company logo, the other side is all about providing contact details and the explanation for the…

Sprinteins Digital Design Business Card

Sprinteins Digital Design business cards

ADDA Studio designed these business cards for Sprinteins, a company specializes in making digital product visions tangible, realizing and bringing them to the market. The design idea revolved around the company’s ambition and approach – vision thinking. It’s important for…