The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Cards

The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Card

Rina Barnadskaya designed these business cards for The Comfort Technology, a property management company.

The entire brand identity is hoping to achieve the brand’s promise: a company that cares; and to reflect the company’s main principles as well: care, comfort and technology.

Explaining the inspiration behind the design, Rina said, “The company manages the operation of non-residential funds on a fee or contract basis.”

“Since it is associated with real estate, so all the first associations for the design were buildings, stairs and rooms.”

“Then, the themes of technologies, tables and drawings and lines were added. I wanted to convey both complexity and simplicity in this design.”

“The colors should have been soft but modern. I made several design options and several color schemes.”

“The client chose the first option.” That is, the first business card you see below.

Other variations that are equally impressive can be found below the post.

The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Card_1


The Printing of Business Cards

According to Rina, these business cards have not been printed yet.

“We created the design layouts, it was accepted by the client, and all materials and files were provided to him.”

“Our company gives print materials to different printing houses, it depends on the location and customer requirements.”

“Usually, the client will choose the paper and the printing method. More often prefer coated paper with a density of 250-300g.”

“Sometimes they use high-grade paper with a pearly metallized surface or touche cover.”

“It is also possible to use silk-screen printing, foiling and embossing,” Rina said.

Overall, this is a vibrant business card design with 3D elements that will make a lasting impression on card receivers.


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The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Card_3The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Card_2 The Comfort Technology Property Management Business Card_4

Designed by Rina Barnadskaya

For The Comfort Technology

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