The Captain's Anchor business cards

The Captain’s Anchor Seafood Restaurant Business Card

Stayc Sinclair designed these business cards for The Captain’s Anchor, a seafood restaurant soon to ‘rock the boat’ in Airlie Beach.

“The client wanted their brand presence to be sophisticated, elegant and nostalgic while referencing nautical associations. I used elegantly constructed assets and typography, combined with a dreamy colour palette to bring this seafood restaurant to life,” Stayc said.

The Captain's Anchor logoThe Captain's Anchor business card

Speaking of her design inspiration, she continued, “I crafted a suite of branding collateral reflecting the strong connection with the captain and the seas. The brand development lent heavily into my love for monograms and typography combinations.”

For this identity, Stayc wanted to reflect nostalgia without diving too far into the obvious sepia tones or stained, aged paper.

“For this reason, I used an elegant and inspiring set of modern typography glyphs for the primary visual, and combined it with the uppercase lettering of a flared fair-proportioned serif with a bold vision.”

These business cards were printed by Copirite Design in Bundall, Gold Coast.

“The cards were printed on 400gsm recycled stock. The uniform weaves are discreet enough to allow printed text to really standout; whilst the texture signifies quality and style,” Stayc said.

Not to mention, the embossed/debossed effect on the logo enhanced the appearance of the card. All in all, this is a delicate and authentic business card design that’s so classy, you would want to keep it for a very long time!


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The Captain’s Anchor business card2The Captain's Anchor stationeryThe Captain’s Anchor submarkThe Captain’s Anchor submarksThe Captain’s Anchor logosThe Captain’s Anchor menu

Designed by Stayc Sinclair at Bona Fide Design Co

Printed by Copirite Design

For The Captain’s Anchor

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