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The Audo Hybrid Space Business Card

Studio8585 designed these business cards for The Audo, a hybrid space facilitating and celebrating human interaction, connection and artistic expression. It is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Audo beautifully unites work, design, hospitality and community under one roof: café, restaurant, a hotel residence, concept store, material library, creative work and event space.

“As a multifaceted concept, The Audo’s hybrid presence calls for a consistent and distinguished brand identity architecture,” said Benja Pavlin, the Graphic Designer at Studio8585.

“It curates, encourages and celebrates through its visual communication.”

The Audo_interior design


Brand Concept & Inspiration

The brand name ‘Audo’ is actually the abbreviation from the Latin phrase, Ab Uno Disce Omnes, which means ‘from one, learn all’.

“Inspired by its historical function, which was initially a market and trading post for fishing, that collaborative and ever-changing spirit is embodied in The Audo’s brand identity.”

“Confident, yet honest and humble, the visual language provides balance and interest inspired by the curatorial nature and value of openness.”

The Audo Concept



The main typeface used in the visual identity is called Garibaldi. It is a neo-humanist typeface pursued with a contemporary eye.

With an organic look and feel, it adds warmth and colour to the traditional structure of Roman typography. Designed by Henrique Beier, Garibaldi is also a versatile family that can perform typesetting duties large and small.

“With a typographic expression at the core of the brand’s visual language, we identified that the primary typeface needs to be versatile, include character to reflect the spirit of the space, and lastly, not be overused to bring a fresh angle to the communication.”

“Its design is unafraid of its origins: the calligraphic roots enrich every character with lively rhythmic energy.”

“The overlapping of styles, renewal by experimenting and creativity is at the heart of its typographic structure.”

“It is also the base of the hybrid structure of The Audo, uniting design, work-life, hospitality, and community in one.”

The Audo logo The Audo business cards2


Colour Palette

A bold and modern colour palette is constructed from neutrals and intense brick red, bright yellow and ochre.

“The colour red, matching the building facade, looks back to the reds used by Renaissance painters such as Titian and Tintoretto, adding a classical and elegant touch to the brand and hints to the brand’s openness to artistic collaboration.”

“Yellow adds a light, radiant and atmospheric touch. With hints of romanticism and optimism, yellow adds warmth, fun and unpredictability to the evolving character of the brand.”

“Together with the use of rich yet subtle ochre tones, the colour palette rounds up the collective meaning of the Audo, speaking to the serene yet dynamic and prosperous spaces with their creative potential and materiality.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on 300gsm Arjowiggins Keaykolour paper: Indian Yellow, Camel 100% Recycled and Snow White. Other specifications are as follows:

Front side (contact info): 1/0 offset print

Reverse side: logo – black foil


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Designed by Studio8585

Creative Direction by Nathan Williams

Art Direction by Mario Depicolzuane

For The Audo

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