Tales of Terroir Artisan Wines business cards

Tales of Terroir Wine Retailer Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Tales of Terroir, a retailer of high-quality European wines based in Bremen, Germany.

The artisan wines sourced by Tales of Terroir are made with the utmost regard for nature, humanity and quality.

In regards to that, their business card design effectively conveys the class and sophistication of the brand.

Let’s find out the intriguing design elements of these vertical business cards below.


Brand Image and Logo

According to Kira, they were asked to develop a visual identity that combines modern minimalism with a touch of traditional craftsmanship.

“We developed an elegant brand mark that is a combination of a wine leaf and a glass.”

“When winemakers speak of terroir, they mean the interplay of many natural factors, such as microclimate, soil conditions and exposure to the sun.”

“These factors all influence the natural development of the vines and, in this way, contribute to the emergence of the typical local wines.”

Tales of Terroir Artisan Wines logo


Typography and Colours

On the business card, it features a sophisticated logotype using a sans-serif font called Isidora.

This geometric font has a modern feel while drawing inspiration from classic types from the early 20th century.

Both its rounded and diagonal terminal cuts give the logotype a softer and friendlier appearance.

The business cards come in three colour variations.

Kira carefully selected a colour scheme of natural and sandy tones that best reflected the word terroir, was reminiscent of a vineyard, and evoked an artisanal feel.

A fresh yellow was also included to evoke the sun-ripened grapes.

Tales of Terroir Artisan Wines business card_packaging


Business Card Printing

These business cards were crafted using the letterpress printing technique.

They were printed on three different shades of 700g/m2 Colorplan paper: Citrine, Stone and Vellum White.

All in all, this is a timeless and elegant business card design that captures the brand’s impeccable essence.

Both the stationery and packaging designs are beautifully crafted, ensuring a lasting impression on whoever lays eyes on them!


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Designed by Kira Bausch

For Tales of Terroir

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