Sweet Sarahnade Cakes business card

Sweet Sarahnade Cakes Business Card

Lachlan Scotford designed these business cards for Sweet Sarahnade Cakes, a business run by a beautiful lady called Sarah who works from home baking amazing cakes to bless people and is now hoping to turn her passion into a full time business.

“This was such an enjoyable process for me as not only did I have so many great cakes my client had made for inspiration, but I was told to use as much creative freedom as I liked to design something I thought would be helpful for the business,” Lachlan said.

Sweet Sarahnade Cakes banner
Speaking of the design process, he continued, “I illustrated two cakes and decided this one would be the best direction to go visually for the branding. I loved the colours on the real life cake I was basing the illustration off, but really felt green tones would match the overall feel of the business. After illustrating a whiter and pinker version of the cake, I illustrated it again with a few more green tones before presenting all of the options to the client.”

Sweet Sarahnade Cakes logo
“The feedback I got was very much a struggle to decide out of three different colour options. I myself was quite attached to all three as well which is rare for me so I suggested printing all three cards to give any customers who would be receiving a business card a more tailor made experience in the ability of getting to ‘choose their favourite’.”

“The result ended up giving a complete colour palette for the brand and a really nice diverse overall look,” he added.

Sweet Sarahnade Cakes business card2Sweet Sarahnade Cakes business cards2
These business cards were printed by Vistaprint.

“These are linen business cards which give a very professional yet almost homemade feel which for me accurately depicts the professional look yet thought and care put into Sweet Sarahnade cakes,” Lachlan said.

Sweet Sarahnade Cakes businesscardSweet Sarahnade Cakes business card1Sweet Sarahnade Cakes business cards

Designed by Lachlan Scotford

Printed by Vistaprint

For Sweet Sarahnade Cakes

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