Sweet Maria business cards

Sweet Maria Children Clothing Business Card

Firma Design designed these business cards for Sweet Maria, a children clothing brand with the purpose of minimizing impacts on the environment.

“The brand exists to allow a shared use of children’s clothes, shoes and accessories that encourage conscious consumption,” explained Pamela and Lucas, the Graphic Designers at Firma Design.

“Through an online curatorship, Sweet Maria makes these products have a longer life than usual, making families consume in a circular, ethical and collective way.”


Sweet Maria Logo Design

According to Firma Design, their strategy (in general and design terms) was to develop an identity based on the entire structure and movement around the brand awareness objectives, making each unfolding an invitation to strengthen its positioning and immersion in the digital environment.

“With an instinctive reading of its meaning, we inserted ‘Sweet’ in its own cause, a manifest full of affection and made to transform.”

“So, the logo itself is a composition that induces the reading of a hashtag with hearts.”

Sweet Maria logoSweet Maria_logo


Typography, Colours & Patterns

The typography used in the visual identity is Oliciy Sans Serif.

Apart from that, Sweet Maria’s visual identity also comprises a super eye-catching pattern that’s bound to attract prospect’s attention!

“The typography, the colours and the patterns refer to the dynamic, volatile and circular movement reinforcing the whole concept and context in which the brand is inserted.”

“Everything was created with the aim of making Sweet Maria affable and not just informative, to develop a sense of identification with the cause in a cheerful and communicative way.”

Sweet Maria tags


Business Card Printing

The client handled the card-printing themselves.

When asked about the possible printing outcome, Pamela and Lucas replied, “Our suggestion, in line with the purpose of the brand, is that the production be 100% eco-efficient, not only for the printing material, but also during its process, with responsible and sustainable companies.”

“In terms of enhancing the layout, we believe that the logo can be highlighted in localized varnish (also ecological, to replace traditional and environmentally harmful paints and laminations).”


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Designed by Firma Design

For Sweet Maria

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  1. Hello! I am the creator of the Oliciy font and I love how you have used it in your project.
    I was wondering if I could take this work as an example of using the same source?

    Thanks and stay tuned!

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