Sumauma Landscaping Business Card

Caluã Pataca and Adriana Ramos designed these gorgeous business cards for Sumauma, a landscaping company with a twist: they are specialized in “ecoscaping techniques”, creating (and thinking of) gardens as mini biomes.

There’s an ecological aspect to this, but also a practical angle because their gardens tend to adapt well to the climate/soil they are in, and usually with a comparatively smaller maintenance than typical gardens.

Both designers were trying to represent this visually as messy (somewhat) but very “alive” image of plants and small animals interacting.

The illustrations are cropped, as if to suggest a larger landscape of which only a small portion is being shown.

The typography, in contrast, goes for a more subtle, delicate and elegant tone. These were decided after Sumauma showed them some of the gardens in different scales — from the very large to the very small.

The business cards were printed on 300g/m² uncoated offset papers, using a simple combination of two Pantones (185U e 582U).

They opted for a cheap, basic solution as the company has a “no frills” vibe, so it felt appropriate.

Designed by Caluã Pataca & Adriana Ramos

Printed by MHG Gráfica & Editora

For Sumauma, Paisagismo Natural

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