Studio Flex Business Cards

Studio Flex Design Business Card

Michael Kunz and Emanuel Heim created these business cards for their designing studio named Studio Flex.

The studio was founded almost 2 years ago. At first, it was just a side project for Michael and Emanuel. In 2017, the duo decided to put more effort into their own work and re-branded their studio, starting with its name.

Emanuel said, “The name comes from different expressions, on one hand you have the term ‘flexibility’, so we want to know about our clients and design very strongly content based.”

“We do a lot of research on the topics and work as a visual experiment, not just developing a specific style.”

“On the other hand, the word ‘Flex’ in Swiss German means angle grinder – a tool you use for cutting apart solid iron. We interpret it as a way of breaking rules and taking apart what exists to create new things.”

“So when it comes to our business cards, it was clear that we needed a design that shows the movement of our design processes.”

And that was perfectly depicted by the dynamic ‘F to X’ flowchart-like image on one side of the card.

While a variety of back designs may show uniqueness, one can also be reminded that no matter how the process starts, it will have a perfect ending. A catchy and clever concept indeed!

Studio Flex Business Card

Designed by Michael Kunz & Emanuel Heim of Studio Flex

For Studio Flex

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