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Studio 8 Architecture Business Card

Yucca Studio designed these business cards for Studio 8, an architecture and material design lab working between crafts and digital tools to bring forward new planet-centered solutions for space design, materials and waste reclaim.

According to Catarina Freitas, the Founder of Yucca Studio, the creative practice lies between the boundaries of architecture, material design, digital scenography and urban strategies.

“We were lucky enough to create the concept behind the identity, so there were no restrictions (except the budget, of course) – a designer’s dream!”

“The brief for us was to create something beautiful that would serve as a unique representation of the studio. We were then able to develop a cohesive narrative that can be seen throughout the branding.”

Studio8 business card_1

Composition of the Colour Scheme

Elegant, clean, and minimal is how Yucca Studio envisioned their client’s visual brand identity, which would be applied to a variety of the studio’s collaterals.

“If, on the other hand, we had opted for a colourful palette, the graphic objects would have clashed with the surfaces (the main differentiating element of Studio 8),” Catarina explained.

“For this reason, we elevated the experimental nature of the studio by adopting black and white as brand colours. When that palette comes into contact with the studio creations, it comes to life!”

“The inspiration behind the entire identity was the valorisation of surfaces and interstices, with the identity serving as a bridge between the concept and the material.”

Studio8 business card2


The typefaces used in the visual identity are GT Haptik for the logo and GT Cinetype for the rest of the text used in the stationery set. Both by Grilli Type.

Explaining the inspiration behind them, Catarina said, “GT Cinetype is based on a design engineered for a cinema subtitling machine. We think this was the perfect type for this project because it has no curves, and appeals to construction in an interesting and smart way.”

“The logo, on the other hand, uses a monolinear geometric grotesque typeface to create the circle ‘O´s’ that make up the ‘8’. Its uppercase letters and numbers were optimised to be read blindfolded and by touching them. This is critical because we want to appeal to the sense of touch, which is a major focus in the design.”

Studio8 business card_2Studio8 business card

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed on Gmund Heidi Used White 330gr by Gráfica Saúde Sá, a printing company in Porto, Portugal.

“Given the nature of the project and the world at large, using recycled paper for printing the cards was a necessity. This led us to Gmund, one of my favourite paper companies. Also, the embossing technique was used on the card and throughout the identity,” Catarina added.


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Studio8 business cards_1Studio8 stationeryStudio8 stationery_2Studio8_envelopeStudio8 stationery_fileStudio8 tote bag

Designed by Yucca Studio

Printed by Gráfica Saúde Sá

For Studio 8

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