Stage12 Hotel Business Card

ICARUS creative designed these business cards for Stage12 – Hotel by Penz.

Stage12 is a well-known hotelier family in Innsbruck and they already own 3 hotels in town.

The mission was to create an urban lifestyle hotel which should be totally different from all traditional hotels in Tyrol.

For the brand identity, the client wanted to create a hotel with cult potential, special personality and the spirit of international cities.


The Design Process and Inspiration

“First of all, we created the name ‘Stage12’. We gave them three drafts because we wanted to give them the feeling that we are totally in for the project,” explained Lukas Proksch, the Art Director of ICARUS.

“After the decision, we created the logo. We designed an icon that shows an abstract curtain of a stage.”

“After further research on fitting typography, we started to create the illustrative style.”

“In the end, we didn’t have that much time for creating all the different deliverables, but when you are on a run and stay focused its crazy what you can achieve in such a short time.”

“Our strategy was to make it totally different from all the other hotels in Innsbruck or Tyrol.”

“We didn’t want to show people the typical hotel picture. We wanted them to discover the hotel and make them a bit curious how it is going to look like.”

“So, we decided to create this with a classic illustration outline style plus a nice color pallet which now can be found in the hotel rooms too.”


Typography & Colours

For the typography, ICARUS chose a modern Grotesque sans-serif font with geometrical characters.

“Furthermore, we wanted to give the project additional layers to make it even more special.”

“The wording was challenging too. The written messages speak an internationally understandable language, delivered with a subtle nod and wink.”

“For example, ‘Make my room great again’.”

“The color palette (dark teal, a deep blue-green colour, or dark turquoise) was based on the interior scheme to create perfect harmony.”

“Our main goal was that every detail had to fit together.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Infinitive Factory.

“Our goal was to mirror all the materials and colors which were used in the interior of the hotel to give potential visitors a perfect impression what they can expect while staying at the hotel for a night,” Lukas said.

“In general, we used different types of paper to show the diversity of the Hotel.”

Due to that, four different versions of business cards were created for the brand.

Lukas continued, “The leaders of the hotel got the beautiful leather embossed Gmund paper.”

“These cards are double laminated together with a letterpressed gold logo.”

“The general hotel card was printed on the extraordinary Gmund Gold History paper combined with a letterpress of the line art illustrations.”

Apart from that, ICARUS created a small branding for the hotel bar as well!

He said, “The bar manager got a business card with Gmund Colors Matt 91 plus a shiny pink foil embossing and of course letterpress on the other side.”

“The last business card was for the staff. They got a simple 2 Pantone printed pink/petrol card.”

“And with all that, finally, we can say ‘Yes we did it!’”


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Designed by ICARUS creative

Printed by Infinitive Factory

For Stage12 – Hotel by Penz

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