Solah Massage Therapist business cards

Stacey Solah Massage Therapist Business Card

Yitz Rapp designed these business cards for a massage therapist named Stacey Solah. The designs was based on the creative brief from the client herself.

“While experimenting with the custom type and a fun custom ligature for the logo, we played around with a bright, fun and friendly sun-and-sea-inspired colour palette,” Yitz said.

“Once I had the primary logo, secondary brand marks and colours set, I wanted to create a pattern that felt like it belonged, something to tie all the various brand elements together.”

“The wavy styled pattern was perfect – it plays really nicely on the curves of the logo, and represents the joints and muscles of the body in a subtle, kinda abstract way.”

“Once we had all of those items set (custom logo, brand marks, colour palette and brand pattern) all that was left to do was find a suitable typeface family that felt right at home with the rest of the brand.

“I chose the Neutraface font family as I really liked the curvy Q and it isn’t often that I get to use a Q as part of a brand name and logo ‘SOLAH – BODY TORQUE’.”

“Once I was happy with the font used in the tag line of the logo, I carried that through to the brand’s collateral items i.e. the business cards.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The client decided to print the cards herself. However, Yitz did recommend that the cards to be printed on nice thick card stock with a matte finish (not glossy).

This will give the card a quality, reliable and luxurious feel for that memorable impact!


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Designed by Yitz Rapp Design

For Stacey Solah (Solah Body Torque)

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