Somelos Tecidos Fabrics business card

Somelos Tecidos Fabrics Business Card

Maria Carlos Cardeiro designed these business cards for Somelos Tecidos, one of the top European players in the production of fine fabrics for the shirting industry.

Somelos Tecidos had started their business since 1958. A rebranding was needed to update the company’s image in keeping with the evolution of its business.

The main idea came from the new brand positioning, which also worked as the brand’s signature: Everlasting Patternship.

It represents the company’s uniqueness in partnerships with some of the well-known fashion brands in the world.


Graphic Patterns & Business Card Printing

“A wordplay that symbolically represents the intertwine of the words ‘Partnership‘ and ‘Pattern‘, as in the actual weave of the weft and warp so proper to the fabric making process,” said Maria, the Art Director at Mojobrands.

“The identity assumes different personalities through seven different graphic patterns.”

“These reinforce the company’s capacity for creative adaptations to please the clients’ requests.”

The choice of using bold on the fonts gives assertiveness and strength to the identity.

The new visual identity is more appealing, effective and contemporary to the present world.

Not only does it successfully position itself as a long-lasting brand, but it also shows that it’s capable of withstanding the test of time while remaining friendly enough to accept new changes and ideas.

The client handled the card-printing process and according to Maria, the printing idea was to use cotton paper in order to emphasize the brand product: fabric for shirt industry.


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Designed by Maria Carlos Cardeiro at Mojobrands

For Somelos Tecidos

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