sleipny horse catalogue app business cards

Sleipny Horse Catalogue App Business Card

Nicolas Cessieux designed these business cards for Sleipny, a French horse catalogue app that allows horse owners to promote their horses and contact other breeders in France and abroad.

The co-founder, Maela Pietri, came up with the idea of Sleipny after realizing how difficult it was to find information about stallions across different communication channels.

Therefore, she was inspired to develop an online equine catalogue to make the process of finding the right horse easier.

Maëla approached Nicolas for the branding project, and his first mission was to create an identity for it.

sleipny horse catalogue app mascot


Friendly Brand Image

The Sleipny app centralizes the listings for stallions and broodmares, making it easier for breeders to promote their horses, highlight their expertise, and search for specific horses.

“The Sleipny team wanted the brand to be seen as something new in the horse market, linked to new technologies, but above all close to horses and their breeders,” Nicolas said.

“It was therefore interesting to have a mascot capable of expressing emotions and making them felt.”

This also explains why there are variations to the founders’ business cards based on the Sleipny mascot’s different expressions and colours to convey a warm, friendly image.


Brand Name and Mascot

The brand name “Sleipny” was chosen in reference to Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin in Norse mythology.

 “Sleipny is the fastest of all horses, able to move over the seas as well as in the air,” Nicolas said.

“I designed a blue eight-legged foal as a mascot that could be used on every communication medium.”

“So, everyone will refer to him as Sleipnir when he’s an adult, but for now, Sleipny stays with us and guides users through our app, ensuring all the horses in the world have the best possible visibility.”

sleipny horse catalogue app logo


Typography and QR Code

Nicolas chose Agrandir Grand Heavy for the logotype. It’s a contemporary sans serif font from Pangram Pangram foundry.

Albert Sans was used for the body text due to its modern characteristics as well.

A QR Code is added to the contact details side, enabling the card recipient to visit the website or app easily for additional information.


Colour Palette

Blue and grey are the two main colours used consistently throughout the visual identity.

“In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is described as a horse with a grey coat,” Nicolas explained.

“Since our Sleipny is still a foal, the colour of his coat could be slightly different.”

“This is how Sleipny blue was born.”

“Even so, grey remains one of the main colours of the brand and is accompanied by three more intense colours (red, yellow, and pink) used on an ad hoc basis.”

“This range of colours and the mascot contrast with the luxurious image that the horse market has today.”

“Sleipny’s business cards reflect this desire for renewal.”

It’s indeed, a revolutionary way to depart from the regular impressions of the horse market!

sleipny horse catalogue app colours


The Printing of Business Cards

“The brand Sleipny is definitely digital and will be used primarily on the app, the website and social medias. However, we made an exception by printing a small amount of business cards.”

“We chose a velvet lamination for the logo side and a matte finish, easy to write on, for the contact details side of the business card.”


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Designed by Nicolas Cessieux

For Sleipny

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