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Skooki Bar Business Card

AB Projets Studio designed these business cards for Skooki, a bar in the south of France that offers a hybrid tapas menu influenced by both Eastern and Western flavours.

“For this visual identity, we were particularly interested in the Berber culture and its Tifinagh alphabet. Then, we reinterpreted it with a typographic design free of ornamentation,” said Anaïs Bonder, the founder of AB Projets Studio.

The brand name, Skooki, was a personal choice by the client. According to Anaïs, it’s the nickname of the owner’s father, who would’ve wanted to open his own bar.

“He was a very joyful and festive person of Berber origin. We tried to make the name feel that way,” she explained.

Skooki logo

Pattern Design

Rather than a flyer, the business card was designed to provide information about the company’s hours of operation, location, and more. Skooki’s business card, on the other hand, has a unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest, while also being artistically appealing.

“These business cards can be seen as a collection object: a pattern that allows you to develop an infinite declination of cards as a puzzle. It’s also a graphic object that makes people want to keep the card preciously.”

For the back design, they come in a variety of formats. When they’re all put together, a unique wave pattern emerges, hinting at a deeper meaning.

“The graphic system envisioned for the project is built around the interaction of symmetry and disorder. The pattern is a declination of the letter S. As the logo’s backbone and launching point for an endless itinerary (of the pattern), the letter S is a gateway to a world of countless flavours spread across four continents: Asia, Africa, and the West. It is a metaphor in short.”

Skooki business cards and menu

Typography & Colours

The typeface used for the title is Neue World Semi Extended. It is a modern, serif font with soft curves, and its refined details create a sense of elegance and a nice extra contrast to the san serif logotype. Telegraf is the font used for the body text.

“The chromatic palette is composed of three central colours to represent human nature, the nourishing earth, and the awakening to life. In other words, Skooki’s mission is to make its customers feel at home by welcoming them in a cheerful and simple way.”

When it comes to card-printing, “The client would like to have their business cards printed locally on natural paper using the letterpress printing technique.”


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Designed by AB Projets Studio

For Skooki

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