Share Space coworking space business cards

Share Space Co-working Space Business Card

Alen “Type08” Pavlovic designed these business cards for Share Space, an organization that provides co-working office spaces at numerous locations, starting in Florida.

Business Builders, a branding and marketing agency also from Florida, hired Alen for this visual identity design project.

The business card is part of the rebranding project, with a catchy pattern design on one side and a classy typography design on the other.


Brand Image and Pattern Design

Based in St. Augustine, Share Space provides an exclusive workspace that allows clients to work in a distraction-free environment.

The brand offers a wide range of office solutions, including coworking space, private offices, virtual offices, and conference rooms.

The visual identity needed to stay away from the rigid, confined perspective of working and embrace the creative and welcoming side of shared workspace.

“Our goal was to create a vibe that could be described as modern-retro,” Alen said.

“We were after an elegant, classy, inviting, yet sophisticated feel through the inclusion of a heavy Latin American influence in the area.”

“We have achieved that by getting inspired by the patterns and textures of famous Spanish tile ornaments.”

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Typography and Colour Palette

The font that Alen used and customized for the logotype is called LT Remark.

According to Alen, the main font has that classic serif feel with super clean lines.

“Together with the Be Vietnam Medium, a modern sans serif font, we created that open, retro-modern text block representing the primary logo lockup.”

Besides that, the business cards are soothing to look at thanks to a modern colour scheme.

“The colour palette drives this brand towards the feel of something even fashion or cosmetics related.”

“We wanted to use that dark blue (Florida is a peninsula after all, surrounded by the beautiful sea), mixed with some business vibe grey, and then accent everything with beige and light purple,” Alen explained.

“Target audience is both male and female, so when colours are maybe leaning more towards one side, the originally created pattern pulls to another and it all meets balanced in the middle.”

These business cards have not been printed yet. However, Alen suggested having them printed as duplex business cards with dark blue edges.

At the same time, the pattern on the card will be subtly embossed for that extra tactility and delicate touch.


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Designed by Alen “Type08” Pavlovic

For Share Space