Scottie Xue business card with holder

Scottie Xue’s Personal Branding Business Card with Holder

Scottie Xue designed these business cards as part of a creative identity project.

As a product and visual designer based in Shanghai, Scottie created these unique business cards with card holders.

However, these card holders aren’t just any ordinary case for the cards; they are part of a creative strategy to stand out!

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Business Card with Holder, with a Twist!

“The business card consists of two sections: the card shell and the inner card. The card shell uses a silhouette and color to give a rough idea of the card owner’s appearance, whether the owner is female, male, a dog or an alien,” Scottie said.

“For example, the rugged outline may suggest the card holder is a male, and so on.”

“Besides all the contact info (name, title, contacts, and address), one can also put extra information on the name card.”

Scottie Xue business card_Male_2Scottie Xue business card_Alien_2

This is a new way to add an avatar or self-portrait to the business card. As Scottie puts it, the card receiver will get a more concrete image of the card owner from the business card.

“The color of the business card may be used to reflect the skin tone of the owner. The side notch is actually half of a speech bubble that implies that the owner has something to say.”

“As you pull out the inner card, the profile photo and additional information about the owner begin to reveal.”

“Since it’s a photographic card, people will be less likely to throw it away.” That’s a big plus!

Imagine when you were handed the card; if not in person, you can guess based on the silhouette presented by the cutout. This is surely a fun way to interact with prospects and grab their attention!

Scottie Xue business card with holder1Scottie Xue business card_Female_2


The Printing of Business Cards

Although these die-cut business cards are currently a conceptual design, they are revolutionary and an intriguing way to get people interested in what your brand is offering.

We asked Scottie to provide her printing suggestions if the business cards ever get printed, here’s what she said:

“There are two possible outcomes for the business cards. In terms of weight and textural sensation, I would go for 300 or 350 gsm paper for both the holder and the card.”

“Since the set has a total of three layers, the overall weight would make quite a difference. Also, by adding a bit of texture, especially on the holder, can give it more visual lingering.”

“Another factor to consider is contrast and brightness. For this, I would go for 250 or 300 gsm silk paper.”

“By adding glossy transparent film only on the profile photo part on the inner bottom of the holder, it will make the card stand out when pulling it out, which also serves to enhance contrast with the rest of the layout.”


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Scottie Xue business card_Male_3Scottie Xue business card_Male_1Scottie Xue business card_Alien_1  Scottie Xue business card_Alien_3Scottie Xue business card_Alien_4Scottie Xue business card_Dog_1Scottie Xue business card_Dog_2Scottie Xue business card_Dog_3Scottie Xue business card_Dog_4Scottie Xue business card_Woman_1 Scottie Xue business card_Woman_3 Scottie Xue business card_Woman_4

Designed by Scottie Xue

For Scottie Xue’s creative identity project for personal branding

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