Satianu aromatherapy business cards

Satianu Aromatherapy Business Card designed these business cards for Satianu, a brand specialising in aromatherapy, essential oils and fragrances.

Satianu is an aromatherapy brand focused on providing all-natural essential oils, blends and sprays.

They offer a variety of high quality products and experiences in an effort to promote self-awareness and healthy lifestyles.

According to Swati Khaitan, the founder of, Satianu is meant to be a sensory experience through and through.


Brand Image and Logo Design

The word, “Sati,” means awareness, while “Anu” means atom.

Together, the brand name Satianu actually means “there is awareness in every atom.”

The overall branding exudes a calming and peaceful vibe.

Apart from that, Swati also ensured that the brand conveys a sense of well-being and comfort.

“We designed their logo to express the lingering effect of an enrapturing aroma – the kind of scent that stays with you long after,” she explained.

The alternate brand extension (circle pattern) in the form of a flower was also artfully created to symbolise Satianu’s connection to nature.

satianu symbol cirlce pattern



The logotype was custom-designed based on the Nunito font.

Swati highlights her reason for choosing Nunito, stating, “The font has a clean and modern appearance with rounded stroke endings.”

“That gives a touch of softness and warmth to the typeface, making it a suitable choice for the brand identity.”

“The ‘S’ in the logo has been developed using the Nunito type as its base to give a sense of lingering feeling, reminiscent of the aromatic oils wafting gently through the air.”


Colour Palette

The chosen earthy colour palette, muted and unisex, complements the visual identity flawlessly!

“Shades like nude pink, seashell, almond, dark lilac and light slate are used to create a soothing vibe that instantly transports you to the world of rest and relaxation.”

Regarding the seemingly minimalistic collaterals, Swati clarifies that they are extremely versatile.

“Presenting several possibilities of extension, the logo and colour palette have been carefully selected to adapt effortlessly across various mediums – be it business cards, packaging, social media, posters, and more.”

“The ultimate goal was to ensure that Satianu’s visual language stood out, leaving an indelible mark on the audience’s hearts.”

“Accompanying this vision was a lively yet calming, rooted and earthy mood board that would instantly draw home the brand’s story, identity and philosophy: Enliven your senses.”

Overall, this is a delightful and welcoming business card design that’s perfect for delivering an enchanting aesthetic – a sensorial journey of tranquility and well-being – an impression that will stay on for those who’ve seen it.


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Designed by Swati Khaitan at Design Studio

For Satianu

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