Ruetique business card

Ruetique Fashion Business Card

Omar Elnajmy designed these business cards for Ruetique, an exquisite one of a kind multinational clothing brand that offers nothing but a unique experience for every single customer.

“Ruetique is a new clothing line that’s made in appreciation of those who value exclusive, distinctive and inimitable designs, as Ruetique offers only a ‘one piece per customer’ type of clothing,” Omar explained.

Omar and the designing team at AZ Studios created the name, logo and visual identity that hovers around the concept of uniqueness and distinctiveness. Brown sugar colour palette is used in the visual branding.

Ruetique logoRuetique colour palette
He continued, “The logo is mainly derived from the concept of cards, as in each deck of cards every individual card has its own unmatched colour, icon and value representing only itself. Moreover, the icon that we chose to represent Ruetique is the iconic Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is associated with love, beauty, pleasure and passion – all of which are characteristics that suit the brand best.”

Ruetique card designRuetique card design2Ruetique packaging design
“To further ensure that all the clients are getting a one-off experience, a unique card is added with every unique item delivered, so that its user can scan the info on it and log into Ruetique’s website to trace back each and every step in the production of this unique piece that was tailored just for them,” Omar added.

Ruetique business cardRuetique stationery2

Designed by Omar Elnajmy at AZ Studios

For Ruetique

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