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Rozma Real Estate Business Card

Hanna Woa designed these business cards for Rozma Design, a real estate company that specialises in professional subletting.

Rozma Design renovates properties before subletting them. They use platforms such as Airbnb and Booking to market their service, but hope to go global and have their own website eventually. Their target audience is owners, investors, and corporations.

“In order to accomplish such an ambitious goal, the Rozma Design brand had to be completely redesigned. The goal was to convey its cosy and warm atmosphere to customers effectively, making them feel welcome anywhere they are,” Hanna explained.

“Also, to make subletting more natural and comfortable for people – they should feel at home, wherever they are.”

Hanna used different branding elements to fulfil the brand objectives, and to ensure that it looked professional and clean.

Rozma Design stationery

Typography & Colours

The logo design is cleverly designed. With the brand initials ‘R’, ‘D’ and a house icon all incorporated into it.

The logotype was based on Lena with slight modifications while Gangster Grotesk was used for the body text.

Rozma Design logoRozma Design logo design

The colour concept was inspired by the brand’s personality (fresh and bright) and the homogeneous feel of the colour combinations to avoid confusing the consumer. A black shade was chosen to be used for the background and highlights.

“The cosy and warm side would be represented mostly through colours (natural, pale and warm colours), while the sharpness and professionalism would be represented through visual elements (forms and patterns),” Hanna said.

“The brand visuals will remain neutral, highlighting both opposing aspects.”

Rozma Design business card_1

Business Card Printing

When it comes to printing, here’s what Hanna recommended, “These business cards are meant to be minimalistic, reflecting the professional and clean side of the company. So, I opted for a simple 16pt cardstock paper with an uncoated finish.”

“Also, considering that a huge part of the target audience might be professionals and they LOVE to write anything anywhere, I left a blank space on purpose in the middle of the card (that’s perfectly matching with the minimalistic style the brand intended),” she added.

This business card design achieves a perfect balance of softness and authority in the branding. One cannot help but feel harmonious and calm upon seeing the card, which is a great way to differentiate the brand from the industry’s usual aesthetics.

Rozma Design business cardRozma Design bag and t-shirtRozma Design brandingRozma Design branding_2Rozma Design branding_3Rozma Design branding_4Rozma Design stationery_1

Designed by Hanna Woa

For Rozma Design

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