Rosie’s Amagansett business card

Rosie’s Amagansett Restaurant Business Card

Keegan Sanford designed these business cards for Rosie’s Amagansett, a seaside restaurant located in the Hamptons.

“Rosie’s Amagansett is putting a fresh spin on traditional American fare. With that in mind I set out to create a brand system that’s both playful and sophisticated,” Keegan said.

“The client asked that I incorporate a single-line rose into the logo, which I extended into the rest of the branding with a collection of single-line icons.”

It seems like the illustration and colour choices are spot on! Here’s what Keegan said, “I drew all of my inspiration from northeastern summers by the beach. The bright palette and organic shapes prevalent in the branding were created to work together in myriad ways to build abstract coastal scenes.”

Rosie’s Amagansett variant1
Keegan created several variations of the business card design to work well for any situation, from casual customer interactions to more professional encounters. Even so, all the designs are perfectly aligned with the brand image that conveys fresh, friendliness and offering high quality, feel good food.

Rosie’s Amagansett business card

Designed by Keegan Sanford

For Rosie’s Amagansett

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