Rooted Craft Kitchen business cards_

Rooted Craft Kitchen Business Card

Wells Collins Design created these business cards for Rooted Craft Kitchen, a craft American kitchen focused on serving elevated American classics with a focus on the highest quality of ingredients based in Boulder, Colorado.

Wells Collins Design managed the branding project including designing the logo and a visual identity system.

“Rooted is a sustainably driven, and completely transparent operation that strives to provide the highest quality of food to their guests, in a contemporary and crafted fashion,” Wells said.

Rooted logoRooted logos

The logo design is a unique one with a twisted tree mark that’s entirely formed from its roots. It has a magical, mysterious vibe and yet so elegant with the chosen colour palette.

“The whimsical, fairytale-like tree has a strong connection with the earth and plants itself firmly in the center of the community. A responsive identity system keeps the brand agile and allows for easy implementation.”

Rooted studyRooted Craft Kitchen logo

The typography used in the visual identity are Genath Regular by Optimo type foundry and GT Pressura by Grilli Type.

Rooted Craft Kitchen also have coasters that are laser-engraved to match the brand’s image.

These business cards were printed via MOO’s Super Business Cards option.

“The cards are 19pt thickness, printed on uniquely non-bendy paper which allows them to have a slim profile, but remain sturdy. The cards have a matte soft touch finish that support the premium look of the brand,” Wells said.

Rooted Craft Kitchen business cardRooted Craft Kitchen business cardsRooted Craft Kitchen stationeryRooted burger picksRooted Craft Kitchen burger picksRooted Craft Kitchen chef apronRooted Craft Kitchen tote bag letherRooted Coasters

Designed by Wells Collins Design

Printed by MOO

For Rooted Craft Kitchen

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