Relicário Audiovisual business cards

Relicário Audiovisual Business Card: Story-Driven & Nostalgic

Amanda Louisi designed these business cards for Relicário Audiovisual, a distinctive venture specializing in creating exclusive audiovisual memory boxes—personal, medium-length documentaries centered on individuals.

Founded by Fabio Kow, whose childhood passion for storytelling evolved into a fascination with real-life narratives, the company emphasizes simplicity, humanization, and a creative blend of personal and professional storytelling.

The ultimate goal is to immortalize the richness of individual stories, transforming each documentary into a cherished family legacy.


Brand Image & Illustrations

Talking about the brand’s image and illustrations, Amanda shared that the design aimed to convey that Relicário Audiovisual provides a comfortable place so people can talk about their deep memories.

She explained, “The film is recorded in a sensitive way during a single interview, seeking to make the interviewed comfortable to share their experiences and leave them for posterity.”

The business cards come in multiple versions featuring different chair illustrations and colours.

Relicário Audiovisual illustrations

Amanda revealed the inspiration behind this, saying, “The chair was a great initial idea proposed by the directors. The challenge was to figure out how to design it appropriately.”

“We concluded that it should be drawn face-to-face, symbolizing true, eye-to-eye communication.”

“The different chair models illustrate the subjectivity of each person interviewed, with their unique stories and experiences.”


Typography and Colour Palette

For the brand’s typography, Amanda chose Gelica, a retro rounded serif typeface, for the logotype to give the brand a friendly and approachable vibe. The body text used is Figtree.

Explaining the colour choices, Amanda mentioned that they were inspired by vintage and warm colours since the company makes short movies about people’s biographies and memories.

These business cards were printed on 300g Couché paper with a matte finishing, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Overall, these business cards successfully capture the spirit of human experiences through attention to detail, which extends from the symbolism of the face-to-face chair images to the choice of typography and warm colour palette. The ability of design to stir up feelings and leave a lasting impression is truly remarkable!


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Designed by Amanda Louisi

For Relicário Audiovisual

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