Raise Financial Service business cards

RAISE Financial Service Business Card

These business cards were designed by CBA for RAISE, a French financial service based on a financing mechanism combining profitability and generosity.

CBA designed the visual identify for RAISE, hoping to better define its positioning and adjust its identity to become a real reference in supporting businesses of all sizes and the French economy.

The creative concept was centered on duality, by mixing classicism with modernity and innovation, rational with demanding and emotional, performance with benevolence.

The duality of the worlds of finance and philanthropy is the essence of the brand RAISE.

Apart from being the first letter to the brand name, the lowercase ‘r’ was used by CBA to read in both ways – the symbol of percentage while illustrating the 50% donated to the endowment fund.

CBA applied multiple colors to the business card design and fixing on deep blue for the logotype.

Overall, it’s a vibrant and contemporary visual identity that captures attention!

Designed by CBA


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