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Pulse Non-Profit Business Card

Agata Walas designed these business cards for Pulse, a new non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting pulses as an alternative protein source as part of a progressive modern diet.

Pulse is formed by a group of journalists, food stylists, photographers, filmmakers, and graphic designers. These professionals come together, all of them working for free, to raise public awareness about the role of animal husbandry in the current climate disaster.

To avoid catastrophic climate change, Western countries must reduce their beef consumption by 90% and eat five times as many pulses.

Pulse logo


Typography & Geometric Patterns

Pulse stands for the planet, pots, and people. A key part of the identity is to dispel the notion that pulses are bland and tasteless, instead representing them as fun and tasty.

The business card design is filled with different shapes with vibrant colours. All of these reflect the variety of pulses.

Pulse business cards_2

The typeface used on the business card is called Ambit (Ambit Bold and Ambit Regular). This modern sans-serif font has a lot of personality and warmth. Also, its curly features are ideal for this branding.

The geometric patterns (or arrangements) on each card are quite unique. According to Agata, the aim of the design was to find a range of expressions, ranging from more complex layouts to cropped, minimalistic compositions.

If these business cards were to be printed, Agata suggested having them printed on 298gsm eco-paper with an uncoated finish, such as MOO’s 100% recycled cotton paper.


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Designed by Agata Walas

For Pulse

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