Portals business card

PORTALS Augmented Reality Business Card

Vadim Carazan designed these business cards for PORTALS, an AR platform that brings objects and characters from magic dimensions to our physical world. It designs tools and systems that empower event stakeholders to effectively create and distribute layers of augmented reality that enrich the fan experience.

PORTALS is transitioning live entertainment into the immersive 21st century through the use of spatial computing. Using augmented reality, they are layering new realities on top of the live experience and bring the fun journey to new heights.

“Our objective was to keep the design simple and to the point. So, we did a very simple design for the front side of the business card with only important info and its logo. As for the back design, we decided to do something more creative by showcasing a set of geometric spiral patterns inspired by the logo,” Vadim said.

Portals business cards

Speaking more about the logo and pattern design, he continued, “The PORTALS’ logo is the combination of the squared P letter and spiral, which creates the illusion of a portal. After we created the square-ish spiral pattern inspired from the logo, we saw the possibility to use other simple geometric shapes too (like triangle, circle and hexagon) to create a more interesting, diverse and playful identity.”

As for card-printing, here’s what Vadim suggested, “I would recommend using Spot UV printing technique for the patterns (on the back side) to make the gradient richer and brighter, accompanied by the matte, dark-coloured background to create a better contrast with the shiny pattern lines.”

All in all, it’s a sleek and stylish business card design that’s not easily forgotten!

Portals business card

Designed by Vadim Carazan


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