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Pomar Kolonie Groceries Business Card

Nicole Gröff designed these business cards for Pomar Kolonie, an organic grocery store.

Nicole created these business cards as part of a branding project she made as a tribute to her grandparents – Erci Teresa Gröff (1946-2021) and Osmar Vivaldo Gröff (1943-2015), including their life story and legacy of love.

“Born in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Osmar and Erci were settlers, descendants of German immigrants. Together with their two children, they moved to Novo Hamburgo, southern Brazil, where for more than 40 years they lived and supported themselves from their grocery store,” Nicole said.

“As a result of their hard work, they built a small farm in Taquara. Osmar used to go there to gather fruits and feed the fish – but not before going to the kitchen to make sure he had all the tasty food prepared by his wife for the trip.”

PomarKolonie_2Pomar Kolonie branding

Design Inspiration & Illustrations

Inspired by their life story, Nicole created a branding project that reflects some achievements and the essence of her grandparents.

“This is a rustic, simple and affective brand, born to represent an organic grocery store located in a country town, with the proposal of offering natural, fresh and homemade food,” she said.

According to Nicole, her grandparents’ grocery store also provides a visiting experience to the customers, who can visit the orchard next to the property.

“They can grab and taste the fruits; enjoy the nature in a picnic with the products made by the family, such as chayote jam, and the famous Erci’s cakes, breads, juices, etc.”

The overall branding has a vintage and handmade style, with hand drawn illustrations of the owners and some groceries.

Pomar Kolonie logoPomar Kolonie botanical illustrations

Typography & Colours

The brand’s logo is created using two different typefaces. A vintage font called Crafter (by 1871 Project) is used for the word ‘Pomar’. On the other hand, Nicole made an adaptation of the font called Radicals (by Plus Store) for the word ‘Kolonie’.

Explaining the inspiration behind them, Nicole said, “The typography is adapted to express a retro and friendly personality.”

Pomar Kolonie logos

“As for the brand’s colour palette (green, orange and yellow), it is cheerful and helps to reinforce the characteristics of the brand, which is focused on offering natural, fresh and homemade products.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on traditional card stock; rectangular and with the size of 50mm x 90mm,” Nicole suggested.

Pomar Kolonie business cardsPomar Kolonie business card_2Pomar Kolonie business cardPomar Kolonie business cards3PomarKolonie_1Pomar Kolonie postersPomar Kolonie mugsPomar Kolonie apronPomar Kolonie packagingPomar Kolonie_jamsPomar Kolonie billboard

Designed by Nicole Gröff

For Pomar Kolonie

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