Poble business card

Poble Design Studio Business Card

Poble designed these business cards for their design studio based in Spain.

The card design embraces the minimalist approach and expresses itself via proper use of typography, text size and arrangements.

“These are the cards of our design studio. The project was based on the concept of ‘Poble’, which means ‘town’ in Catalan. And we really wanted to take care of the details: the texture of the paper, the range of colours and the relief of the letters,” said Mònica Iglesias, the Graphic Designer & Art Director at Poble.

Poble business card2

The cards are single-sided and come in three variants: green, tile orange and light ocher.

These business cards were printed on Fedrigoni Materica by Granja Grafica in Barcelona, Spain. According to Mònica, the printing techniques involved were blind emboss (for the logo) and relief/letterpress (for the small texts).


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Poble business cards1

Designed by Poble

Printed by Granja Grafica

For Poble corporate branding

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