Planit 147 business cards

Planit 147 Cosmetic Business Card

Studio Form & Function designed these business cards for Planit 147, a cosmetics brand.

Planit 147 is a service platform that allows customers who do not have sufficient expertise or business experience in cosmetics to receive customized solutions through services in all areas of the cosmetics business, from training in the cosmetics development process to content production, package development and brand planning.

Planit 147 logo
“The symbol mark of Planit 147 is a planet with a simple line drawing technique, which is tilted 147 degrees. Like a child’s pure painting, it expresses ‘my own dream, my own cosmetics’ that customers draw on their own, and symbolizes a space of customized experience for themselves with the appearance of a tilted planet,” explained Jinsuh Chung, the Co-founder of Studio Form & Function.

“The word mark of Planit 147 intuitively delivers images such as stars floating in the night sky with a slope of 147 degrees applied to the details of L and T and a circular motion at the end of T. Cafe P 147 plays a role of waiting before entering Planit 147 and co-exist with surrounding residential complexes.”

Planit147 typography
“The key visual of Planit 147 represents the process of creating a finished product in three circles, which is gradually changing into a circle. Line drawing-type key visuals are flexibly placed in the screen to express the image of the planet being completed in a rhythmic homogeneous manner. It represents the process of completing the customer’s own dreams and dreams through Planit 147.”

Planit147_ciclesPlanit 147 business card
The client handled the card-printing themselves. However, Jinsuh Chung did share with us the printing details, “These business cards were offset printed on a paper produced in Korea called Airus. Characterized by its name-like light, delicate and dense softness, this paper goes well with the touch of cosmetics.”

“What’s important in most printing is to focus on sample testing and production supervision so that accurate colours can be achieved in production,” he added.

Planit 147 business cardsPlanit 147 branding collateralPlanit 147 envelopesPlanit 147 stationery Planit 147 bagsPlanit147_branding Planit147_packaging

Designed by Studio Form & Function

For Planit 147

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