Pizzie business cards

Pizzie Restaurant Business Card

Daniel Ligero designed these business cards for Pizzie, a typical Italian restaurant based in Barcelona.

According to Daniel, Pizzie has a high culinary level and a gourmet pizzas menu from the talented kitchen staff.

“The design concept and the visual identity were based on a clean piece of pizza and the form of cheese, representing it on a serif font mixed with a modern sans serif.”

Pizzie pizza boxPizzie brandingPizzie paper
“As for the colours, I chose a purple tone. It’s a calm colour with a strong personality and it’s just the way to turn pizza into a gourmet product while separating Pizzie from other pizza brands. Purple also has a sophisticated vibe, calm and polite.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would print them on paper with engraving texture,” Daniel suggested.

Pizzie business card_frontpizzie brandingPizzie menu designPizzie menuPizzie pizza box_front

Designed by Daniel Ligero

For Pizzie Restaurant

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