Nomads advertising agency business card

Nomads Advertising Agency Business Card

Martin Pyper designed these business cards for Nomads, an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“The design was based on the idea of ‘tribal markings’,” Martin explained.

“The name was the inspiration for a system of icons, patterns and vibrant colours that can be used to create an endless series of ‘tribal patterns’ (or puzzles) to show how everyone is connected.”

According to Martin, coloured icons are used to represent data about the ‘tribe’ members.

He explained further, “Each employee gets two sets of business cards: a formal one with their own portrait and a second set with a ‘tribal’ pattern relating to their own personal ‘metadata’.”

“The collage patterns on the business cards create a huge ‘tribal’ network when orderly placed together in a huge tapestry.”

The entire visual identity is a dynamic system of elements that can be changed and recombined to create new functions when needed.

The elements can be used in different ways, showing personalized content and identity for each employee yet still remains unified under one organization. This is creativity at its best!

These business cards were offset printed by KDR using four spot Pantone (PMS) colours on uncoated biotop card with a matte laminate on the dark side.


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Designed by Martin Pyper at me studio

Bio: ‘me studio’ was founded in 2006 by Martin Pyper, a British designer resident in The Netherlands for over 20 years. He operates both inside the Dutch design scene as a local, yet he has retained the observing eye and open perspective of the foreign outsider.  Projects are commissioned by a broad range of clients: from cultural to commercial ones such as The Dutch Post Office and Nike. Their work has won awards such as the Best Dutch Books, the Chicago International Poster Biennial and has been added to the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum for modern art in Amsterdam. 

Printed by KDR, Amsterdam

For ‘Nomads’ Agency, Amsterdam

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