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Nina Bianca Restaurant Business Card

Petek Design made these business cards for Nina Bianca Restaurant, a new modern Israeli chef restaurant that aims to make you feel you’ve just had an amazing experience.

“The concept for the design was ‘food is art’. Food is a universal language, just like art and together they combine perfectly,” said Efrat Elie, the Designer of Petek Design.

The owner of the restaurant believes that ‘Good Food is Good Mood.’

Therefore, the slogan is added on every business card in the form of ‘Good Mood Food’, along with the contact details.

Apart from that, Efrat also created several versions using different colours and cutlery illustrations on the back of the business card.

The business card design is minimalistic, with a twist of emotional and artistic vibe by adding some paint stains and free brushes.

According to Efrat, other design inspirations including nordic design, natural warm colours and food plating designs.

These business cards were printed on thick cardstock with a matte finish – a great choice to give the card a reliable and quality feel!


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Designed by Efrat Elie at Petek Design

For Nina Bianca Restaurant

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