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Nicole Gröff Graphic Designer Business Card

Nicole Gröff designed these business cards as part of her personal branding project as a self-taught graphic designer who’s passionate about brand and packaging design based in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

“Before I became a professional, I did a lot of research and practise. No amount of training can adequately prepare a designer for his or her greatest challenge – personal branding,” Nicole said.

“My project was finally completed after a few months, and I truly feel that it represents me in the most authentic way.”


Handwritten Logo

Nicole’s business card design is indeed one-of-a-kind, modern and stands out from the crowd.

It’s clear that Nicole’s last name is the main focus of the design.

“My goal was to give more weight to my last name, which is the most difficult part of the brand name to write and remember,” she explained.

“The last name is also present in the same way on personalised materials like mugs, backpacks, as the signature of an exclusive product.”

The signature was hand-drawn by Nicole herself. The large font that’s cut off at the sides creates a mystery.

It could also be an artistic approach that enables the focus to be on the letter “o”, which looks like an expression that’s in awe or surprised.

This could very much be the kind of work that Nicole is hoping to help her clients achieve – something outstanding and unique.

Nicole Groff stationery


Colour Palette

In particular, the way the yellow colour contrasts with the black and white of Nicole’s business card gives it a contemporary feel. They could come in various versions.

Explaining her choice of colours, Nicole said, “Yellow is the colour of optimism, understanding, insight and research.”

“It’s also inspiring and associated with the making of important decisions.”

“The colour white is often referred to as the ‘color of light’, total clarity.”

“People who are drawn to the colour white tend to be kind, full of love and considerate, and they leave a lasting impression on the lives of those they come into contact with.”

“And finally, graphite, which is close to black, is a colour associated with the deepest mystery, definition, distinction, and individuality.”


QR Code & Glasses

On the other side of the card, Nicole adds a simple message and a QR code to make it easy for people to get in touch with her or learn more about her work.

Apart from that, Nicole has another supporting visual element that appears frequently throughout the visual communication – the yellow glasses.

“Glasses are an instrument that corrects vision, brings focus, and helps people see the world around them more clearly,” she said.

Nicole Groff stationery_2

“In an analogy to the designer’s profession, I see the glasses play a role very similar to the one I seek to work with my clients: to see their brands and positioning them more clearly; to add personality and attitude to their visuals, and to be like the frame that supports and reaffirms their worldview.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on traditional card stock and have painted edges, with a size of 50mm x 90mm,” Nicole suggested.


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Designed by Nicole Gröff

For Nicole Gröff personal branding

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